Thursday, March 28, 2013

Out of touch with Montana, yet again

As someone who was in Helena, Montana on Monday March 25th for the rally for Medicaid expansion and spoke for the bill, I am highly disgusted that House Bill 590 was shot down on party lines.
HB 590 would have affected my life in four good ways. I would have had health insurance, my husband and son still would have had Medicaid, my husband's spend down would have disappeared, and I could have gone back to work.
Idiots killed the bill based on the thought that somebody making $15,000 should be able to make $700 a month insurance payments. That would leave us with $552 a year to live on. I was very upset last night. I had hopes of returning to work. It is just not possible.
I can't afford the 20% Medicare does not cover. I wouldn't be able to afford $52, 580 which is 20% of the cost of the kidney transplant that Jerramie needs. The transplant center would want that in advance. If I went back to work without Medicaid expansion everything I made and more would go to my husband's medical. There would be nothing left to go to basic living needs for a family of three. And of course I wouldn't qualify for any extra help with any of this due to my working income. So somebody else tell me to get a job, yeah that'll help.