Monday, November 12, 2012

8 month results

On March 12 my body fat was 75.1%, weight was 301 lbs, BMI 56.59, bra was a 46 M cup, wore a size 32. 8 months later body fat is 60.3% (14.8% down), weight is 293.7lbs (7.3lbs down), BMI is 55.49 (1.1 down), and my bra is a 43 G (dropped 6 cups...squeeee!), down to a size 28 (2 down). I perfer weight lifting (can't wait til doctor releases me), walking, lap swimming, water zumba (I get to start again tomorrow!), modified yoga (otherwise can't get off of floor lol). I have learned that if I don't log what I eat, I do not lose percentages or weight that week. I get more excited now about inches lost than weight lost. If I get too excited and weight lift more than I should I hurt my back (twice lol). So we're going slow and steady, because I want to keep this off and stay healthy.

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